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You are on the Privacy Policy for the website and app "MemKey - The memes keyboard"; availables on and on Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. You could find other versions of the same website within the subdomains ending with

Henceforth, all the previously mentioned addresses, apps, or any other software officialy related with MemKey will be called “MemKey”. This term could include also the MemKey team.

The current document depicts the attention we put on caring and treat carefully the personal information of our users, whether they only come to our website to meet us, or they download our apps to use us.

1. Acceptance of our Privacy Policy

With the use of the MemKey services, you agree this Policy Privacy as well as our terms of use –described below– and the end-user license agreements from our partnerts and providers such as Alphabet or Apple –more information below–. In case you do not agree them, please do not use this website, our apps or any other MemKey service.

  1. The acceptance of this Privacy Policy is a binding legal agreement between you and MemKey regarding the use of our services. It is worth mentioning that the only binding version of these documents is the english one.

  2. Update of this document. We will notify our users and visitors any important change our legal terms may have. However, the user has to review every so often the most updated version of our policies on this current address. MemKey, at its discretion, can modify or review this document anytime, and you accept you will be linked to the last version since the come-into-force date.

2. Personal Data

MemKey can collect personal data from their users in several ways: (i) automatically with its own tools or with third-party tools, and (ii) manually with every contact the user does through web, email, social media, apps or any other way to interact with the MemKey team.

Users' personal data that MemKey may collect automatically through its own tools or through third-party tools are always anonymous, as an example: ip address, source, type of browser, device, platform, app version, operative system version, number of times the user interacts with the apps or webs, events the user triggers when interacting with the apps or sites, or language chosen.

We collect and process these variables to try to supply a better service to all our users and visitors, as well as to generate service stats. The access to this data is strictly restricted and its writing and movement are encrypted with standard encryption methods. Personal data will be preserved the shortest needed time, and they will be permanently erased at that moment. MemKey is not intended for the use of children under the age of 15. All of our services are intended for the use of people who are at least 15 years of age. We will do our best to try to avoid collecting any information from anyone under 15 years of age. However, Memkey has no means to monitor the age of our users or visitors, so we encourage parents and other adults to explain children that MemKey services are not intended for their use. MemKey will delete the information of any under 15 years of age user or visitor as soon as we detect it.

MemKey reserves the right to submit by any means among the offered to user: emails, notifications, notices or news related to user preferences that may contain comercial information from our own services or from third-parties, as long as the user had previously allow it. Explicit previous consent will be not required to submit security alerts or important general information related to MemKey services.

Data manually provided by users through email or by any other mean are stored to future references, as well as to answer them and follow their issue up. When contacting with MemKey, the user knows, understands and agrees that all the sent data –including messages, metadata, answers, images, interactions on social media, attachaments, etc...– are stored by MemKey the necessary time. Likewise, we commit to permanently erase all the information sent by an user, on a timespan of 30 natural days since the request. This request has to be made through our email, pointing out the right exercised and with a valid Personal ID attached.

In no case and under no circumstances personal data from our users or visitors will be deliberately ceded, sold or shared by MemKey without the explicit user consent, except legal requirements.

MemKey reserves the right to report any message or received content considered as inappropriate by MemKey team, to social media companies, authorities or any other organism to whom it may concern.

MemKey works with content providers to supply the requested data to the user, such as the images or information they request. The user knows, understands and agrees that we have no control on how these partners work, their privacy policies or other issues related to them. MemKey is not responsible for any damage due to lack of service or any other issue coming from these partners. Currently, our content provider is To know more on how they treat your data please visit their privacy policy on: By using our services you agree their terms of use too, available here:

MemKey does not store any unique user or device identifer, so we have no mean to identify one particular user or device, but our content providers or content network partners may use them. For further information please check section 4 on these document and the legal terms of our content providers and content network partners.

MemKey does not send over the Internet or store the text the user types through its keyboard. MemKey only sends and stores the terms the user types into the search box of the keyboard, in order to make stats of service and to detect possible bugs or service outages. MemKey sends and stores when possible the content provider partner's response too for the same reasons.

As MemKey does not identify a particular user, is not possible for us to associate each user with its search queries or saved content. That is why when the user uninstalls the app, all the save content is erased too.

The user knows, understands and agrees that it is completely illegal to make any modification in software property of MemeKey, for any reason, without our explicit consent. The user is not allowed to, for example but not limited to, try to make any reverse engineering effort, bypass any function or try to access our servers or information. MemKey could take any legal action it considers.

3. Exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

At any time any user can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition sending an email to pointing out the exercised right and with a valid copy of its Personal ID or equivalent documentation, attached.

Since we received the request, we will proceed to verify user's identity and complete its will within a 30 natural days timespan.

MemKey assumes no responsibility for damages derivated from alterations of third parties caused in our systems, documents or user information.

4. Cookies usage

In order to comply with current regulations regarding cookies usage –our, or third party, files that stores a series of data in user or visitor device for its later recovery with statistic purposes or for a better user experience–, MemKey uses a tool called Cookie Consent, by

Each time a new user enters the website, Cookie Consent displays a notice asking whether the user wants the cookies to be installed; whose sole purpose is to know information regarding our visitors and act accordingly to improve the services we offer, as well as to make different statistics of service and allow certain features, such as sharing our page on various social networks or to show ads. MemKey may use cookies for analysis, access control or advertising.

However, as detailed in the Cookie Consent (, in case the visitor has already been to another website that uses this service, and has configured it to accept the cookies of all the websites that it visits and that have this tool implemented, its preferences will be saved and no other notice will be displayed on the other pages it visits.

It is possible that the web browser the user uses, may also generate certain notice to inform visitors about these files installation, and allow him or her to oppose it.

In case that your browser does not show this notice automatically, you and any user can disable the installation of these files through the preferences and configuration options of your browser. Later, you can also delete them from that settings if you wish it. Please look for your browser documentation for further information.

Alphabet Inc. –a Delaware company whose headquarters are in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America (“Google”)– as a partner provier, may user cookies or tracking tags to publish ads or generate stats in our services. Users are able to disable the DART cookie usage through Google's ads and going to the privacy policy of the content network. Google may use partner associated advertising companies to publish ads when you access our services. It is possible that these companies use collected information from you in our services or other services to offer you relevant ads.

MemKey services may use Google services like Google Analytics, Google Adsense or Google Adwords.

If you desire to get more information on how this content network works and know your options to avoid these companies collecting your information, click here to go the privacy policy of the content network. 

When using our services, you know, understand and agree the information processing about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes indicated. 

You can disable features for Google advertisers by setting up ads, setting up ads for mobile apps or from any other disabling mean currently available.

In case of opposing the installation of cookies, the experience of browsing the MemKey site will not be resented in any way, except for its own or third-party features (such as the option to share in social networks), which require the installation of cookies to work correctly.

Our apps also use Admob advertising services from Google. You can get more information about how Google uses the data when the user uses the applications or websites of their partners here.

5. Last version of this document

The current version of this document corresponds to September 5 2018. And its come-into-force date is September 6 2018. 

Without prejudice to any translation of this document, the only legally binding version is the one written in English and, therefore, must be interpreted in that language. If you have any questions regarding this document, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

Finally, thank you and welcome to MemKey. We hope you enjoy it! 

May the memes be with you, 

The MemKey team.